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Acido-Whey: A Process for the Preparation of a Beverage

Whey is a liquiduous product separated out from milk in the preparation of paneer and cheese. The whey contains 6 to 7% of total solids comprising of approximately 70% of lactose, 0.9% of protein and trace amount of water-soluble vitamins, minerals and fat. So far the whey is considered to be a waste product in the dairy industry. A process has been developed to produce a good soft beverage from this waste material. This beverage unlike the other carbonated beverages, which are of little usefulness, has been found to be a very valuable drink for health. Some of the important usefulness of this beverage are. i) It has a good nutritional value ii)It has therapeutic values namely a. Protection against gastro-intestinal disorders b. Bio- availability of vitamins iii)It has three months shelf life under refrigeration. iv) It is much cheaper in cost compared to the other known and available beverages or, carbonated drinks. The process for manufacturing Acido-whey soft drink consists of the following steps: 1.Collection of whey and its standardization. The whey obtained form cheese and paneer making is passed through the cream separator to remove fat and then heated to the appropriate temperature for 20 minutes to kill the microorganisms. It is then cooled to 40o C and is fed (without disturbing the precipitate at the bottom) to incubation tank pre-adjusted to the specified temperature. 2. Culture preparation Whey is sterilized by heating for specified time followed by cooling to 40 degree C and inoculated with required amount of pure culture of the required species grown in litmus milk. After the incubation for requisite time at desired temperature the culture is cooled and it is further inoculated for the preparation of intermediate and bulk culture in the same manner. 3. Fermentation process: The cold heat-treated whey is inoculated with a pure and active culture at a desired level. After inoculation when the acidity of the whey reaches at the desired level the fermented whey is cooled and filtered through the filter press. 4. Fortification with sugar and flavour Filtered fermented whey is first fortified with sugar in the form of 50% clear sugar syrup free from microorganisms and then flavoured with the combination of pineapple and orange essence at the required level. No colour is added in the product as the colours are not stable in the product due to low pH of the finished product. 5. Packaging and storage: The prepared whey beverage is cooled to 5o C and then it is filled in polypacks or glass bottles, which are crown corked after filling, if intended for immediate consumption. For increased shelf life of product, beverage should be pasteurised before packaging or alternatively pasteurized in the container.

Area: Agricultural Sciences

Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India

Implementing institute: National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), Govt. of India

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