Research Grants - Institutional

Joint Appointment for Exchange of Human Resources between Universities and other Institutions/ Organisations

The program aims to encourage interaction and exchange of ideas between the faculty working in Universities and scientists/researchers in other institutions like National Laboratories/Autonomous Institutions and Industrial R & D Laboratories. The scheme helps in utilising and motivating the faculty/scientists in the Universities/Research Institutions/Industrial R & D laboratories and to motivate them to benefit, by way of mutual exchange, for a defined period of time. This is also aimed at encouraging the faculty/scientists in metro cities to have the first-hand experience at the Universities/institutions/R & D laboratories located in rural and remote areas, and thereby, bridge the knowledge and infrastructure deficit between the partnering institutions.

Ministry: Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt of India

Funding Agency: University Grants Commission (UGC)

Funding Cycle:: As notified by UGC

Duration: 3 years

Purpose: Capacity Building