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AKRUTI Programme For Establishment Of AKRUTI Kendra

Under the DAE-Social initiative, the AKRUTI Program has been running for the past eighteen years with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship among technically trained human resources in rural and interior areas through the sharing of knowledge from the societal spin-off DAE-BARC Technologies. Since its launch, this program has been referred to as the AKRUTI Program. The Advanced Knowledge and RUrban Technology Implementation initiative is referred to as AKRUTI. This program has the ability to create the necessary infrastructure in rural areas that is typically only found in cities and give young people a means of subsistence without forcing them to move to the urban areas.

Scheme Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of the scheme is rural development across the nation.
  • Areas of water, food processing, agriculture and waste management in rural areas are covered under AKRUTI Programme.
  • The scheme aims at empowering villages through implementing different technologies for uses.
  • This scheme will lead to sustainable growth of the rural sector across the country.
  • It aims at encouraging entrepreneurship in rural sector.
  • Application process is very simple, two separate forms are available for the classification of individuals, women entrepreneurs, MSMEs, companies, etc.

Implementation of the AKRUTI programme:

  • AKRUTI Kendras:The program establishes rural-based technology centers where villagers can access demonstrations of the relevant technologies [2].
  • Focus on local needs: The techno-entrepreneurial skills training provided through AKRUTI is designed to address the specific needs and challenges faced by the participating villages.

AKRUTI Kendras are the backbone of the AKRUTI programme, acting as technology hubs in rural and urban areas.

List of AKRUTI Kendra in association with Academic Institute:

 1. AKRUTI Kendra- SVERI (Shri Vithhal Education & Research Institute (SVERI) Pandharpur, Maharashtra

 2. AKRUTI Kendra - BMI (Brahmadevdada Mane Institute of Technology (BMIT) Solapur, Maharashtra

 3. AKRUTI Kendra - RIT (Raipur Institute of Technology (RIT) Raipur, Chhattisgarh

 4. AKRUTI Kendra – PRSU (Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University (PRSU) Raipur, Chhattisgarh

List of AKRUTI Kendra in association with Academic Institute UNDER NPCIL CSR Funding:

 1. AKRUTI Kendra -KGuj, Kakrapar, Gujrat

 2. AKRUTI Kendra -TMS (Shri Vithhal Education & Research Institute (SVERI) Boisar, Palghar(Maharashtra)

Scope of AKRUTI Kendra:

Technology display, dissemination, demonstration, and training centers are known as AKRUTI Kendras. A non-commercial, non-exclusive, revocable license to operate the AKRUTI Kendra and instruct aspiring entrepreneurs will be granted by BARC. All BARC technologies can be promoted by the AKRUTI Kendra as long as it assigns professors and instructors with domain expertise and sets up the necessary equipment, supplies, and tools on campus. AKRUTI Kendra recruits members from the local community and other interested parties in order to provide knowledge (henceforth referred to as KRUTIK). In order to receive a commercial license, AKRUTI Kendra needs to be a legitimate firm or company. It will serve as a production facility for technologies with commercial licenses and a training center for non-commercial technologies. Under its auspices, KRUTIK members manufacture the goods, either with AKRUTI Kendra's resources or in village and sell it on the strength of commercial license obtained by the AKRUTI Kendra

Read more:https://www.barc.gov.in/akruti/#contr