Workshops & Training Programmes

Training Program on Applications of High-Performance Computing in Drug Designing

The training program aims to provide a platform for upgradation of knowledge and skills for researchers scholars/ faculty members / scientists and other stake holders involved in Life science, Bioinformatics and drug designing. The course will provide in depth exposure through expert lectures and hands on training session. The lectures will be delivered by distinguished experts. The program will cover different aspects of high performance computing in drug designing.

Event type: Workshops & Training Programmes

Target Group: Graduation, Post-Graduation, PhD, Post-Doctoral, Faculty and Scientists

National/International: National

Area: Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Medical Sciences

Contact details:

Focus:Drug Designing

Ministry/Deptt/Institution:Motilal Nehru National Institute ofTechnology (MNNIT) Allahabad


Start date: 06-Aug-2022

End date: 06-Aug-2022