Training Programme

Training programme on Continuous Emission and Effluent Monitoring System (CEMS)

The training programme comprises two parts: Basic learning (online platform) and advanced learning (CSE’s residential campus-AAETI, Tijara). Two parts, basic and advanced learning, will cover topics that must keep CEMS performing well and in compliance. The course is designed to provide an overall understanding of the CEMS, including theoretical knowledge via expert lectures and first-hand experience through group exercises, discussions and case studies.

Event type: Training Programme

Target Group: PhD, Post-Doctoral, Faculty and Scientists, Post-Graduation

National/International: National

Area: Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Contact details:

Focus:Emission and Effluent Monitoring System

Ministry/Deptt/Institution:Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi

Venue & Location:Part A (Basic Learning) - Online Training; Part B (Advanced Learning) at AAETI, Tijara


Start date: 22-Nov-2022

End date: 21-Jan-2023