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International Conference on Sustainable Chemistry for Health Environment and Materials (suChem 2018)

SuChem-2018 is being organised to deliberate and understand the advances and opportunities of sustainable solutions in the context of chemistry, through collaboration between a multidisciplinary community of chemists, biologists, engineers and industries. The conference sets a perfect stage to get acquainted with global experts in the core areas of Catalysis and Material Chemistry, Organic Synthesis including Medicinal Chemistry, Environment, Energy, Health care and Agro-chemistry. The conference will be a resourceful and knowledgeable ground to provide an unparalleled insight into the novel integrated approaches that fully incorporate, existing and new scientific knowledge in the domain of Chemistry, Environment, Health and Energy.

Event type: Conferences & Seminars

National/International: International

Area: Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences, Medical Sciences

Contact details:

Focus:Health and Agro; Environment; Materials and Catalysis

Ministry/Deptt/Institution:CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), Hyderabad

Venue & Location:CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), Hyderabad

Start date: 05-Aug-2018

End date: 08-Aug-2018