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International Conference on Microscope and XXXIX Annual Meeting of Electron Microscope Society of India

EMSI - 2018 includes a wide range of topics in Microscope related to materials' sciences across fundamental and applied aspects (physical, chemical and life sciences), engineering aspects, medicine (anatomy, dentistry, pathology, etc), nanoscience and nanotechnology. The conference focuses on study and utilization of various Microscope methods across the vast research areas. This conference provides a platform to deliberate on recent advances in imaging methods. Besides, the recent results using state-of-the-art microscope facilities from India and abroad would be the main focus of this conference. It is expected to have live demonstrations of many recent developments and showcase the latest in technology and new products in Microscope at the conference stalls to be put up by vendors. Advanced Microscope Techniques: Electron Microscope methods (aberration corrected TEM & STEM, SEM and associated analytical methods, electron diffraction & crystallography, HRTEM, cryo-electron Microscope, in-situ heating, mechanical and electrical and other methods in microscopes, environmental Microscope, Microscope based microanalysis), Ion Beam Microscope (FIB, SIMS, ion microprobe, Helium ion Microscope), SPM, OIM,3D-APT, Super-resolution Microscope, X-ray, Fluorescence Microscope, other combinatorial Microscope methods (such as insitu TEM-Ion beam, PEEM, AFM-Confocal-Raman, TERS, etc), integrated correlative light and electron Microscope, and other correlated microscopies related medical diagnostic tools (such as MRI, CT, PET scans).

Event type: Conferences & Seminars

National/International: International

Area: Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Engineering Sciences, Medical Sciences

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Ministry/Deptt/Institution:Electron Microscope Society of India (EMSI), East Zone Chapter

Venue & Location:Mayfair Convention Center, Bhubaneshwar

Start date: 18-Jul-2018

End date: 20-Jul-2018