Community Success Stories

Incense stick making machine: An initiative to improve the livelihood of rural communities


The incense stick-making machine was developed by Shri Paresh Panchal with the goal of reducing drudgery and the risk of injuries for the rural communities working in this area. The machine comprises two parts, one for making the bamboo slices into sticks and another for transforming ordinary sticks into incense sticks. The use of this machine has resulted in 10 times increase in production with improved product quality. In addition, women in rural areas can now earn up to Rs. 250 to 300 per day at their convenience, whether in their village or at home. Implementation of this technology has also attracted distributors, proving to be a valuable addition to their source of income.

In Rajasthan, 200 such machines were distributed to various Self-Help Groups (SHG) in one of the villages, and 4000-5000 such machines have been distributed throughout the country. This initiative, which included a science and technology intervention has resulted in the creation of job opportunities for women as well as an additional source of income generation activity to help them improve their livelihood

“When I got to know about the incense stick making machine, I went to a nearby factory that had this technology. I've been working here since then. Earlier I used to earn Rs. 200 per day but now my income has increased two-fold. Other women have benefited from this technology as well, as they can contribute financially and educate their children,” said Ms. Shardaben, a beneficiary.