Community Success Stories

Improved Deg-Bhapka technology proves beneficial for the perfumery sector


“Rosewater of higher quality is produced using improved Deg Bhapka technology. As a result, income generation has improved. Furthermore, improved technology has increased fuel efficiency by approximately 50%, making the technology sustainable and product quality consistent”, said MsJahnavi Mishra, the beneficiary. 

Kannauj, also known as India's perfume capital, has been a pioneer in the field of perfumery. In addition to perfumery, rose water is a well-known Kannauj product. Under the One District One Product scheme, perfumery is Kannauj's recognised product and through this scheme, several trainees have received training for Agarbatti and Attar manufacturing at the Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC). During the training, trainees are also informed about the operation and advantages of the improved Deg-Bhapka technology. FFDC is further planning to improve the technology by adding a gasifier to the manufacturing unit to further increase fuel efficiency.

 “At FFDC, I completed a one-year NSQF level-6 training course. I learned everything I could about the aroma field. The traditional method was used to make rose water, but with improved Deg-Bhapka technology, an improved product was obtained. Because of the improved quality and technological advancements, I chose to implement this technology at my manufacturing unit”, said Mr Vipul, the beneficiary.