Announcements & Opportunities

Department of Science & Technology (DST) announces Co-Funding Partnership under the EU Framework Programme on R&I ‘Horizon Europe’

The focus areas are: 
i. automated and AI-based mining, harvesting, selection, cleaning, annotation, and/or enrichment/augmentation of data for AI; generating and using synthetic data to reduce the need for large volumes of real and potentially sensitive data; validating the efficiency of these processes in AI systems; 
ii. lighter, less data-intensive and less energy-consuming AI models, optimised learning processes that require less input (data efficient AI) without degrading the quality of the output; machine learning methods and architectures that deal with lower volumes such as transfer learning; one-shot learning; continuous and/or lifelong learning.

Eligibility: The participating entities/organisations from India have to be legal entities as per Indian law (Indian applicants) and the European entities as per the Horizon Europe rules of participation.

 Last date: Wednesday, March 29, 2023