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UVSS, XBS, Trafficmon, Trafscan, Febrieye

UVSS is a complete camera system combining hardware and software to scan the undercarriage of vehicles passing through the checkpoints. Undercarriage is the only area of a vehicle which can never be locked or sealed hence automatic under vehicle inspection system is needed. X-ray baggage scanners (XBS) offer customers the most contemporary security solutions. XBS is a technological advancement, which smartly classifies the materials scanned based on their composition. ZenScan Advanced Vehicle Scanner System facilitates the inspection of the underside of vehicles by imaging the underside at a very high resolution and making it available through an easily navigable and intuitive GUI. It is an improved version of the existing products. The inspection of the underside image is performed by trained security personnel. Automated Image Comparison (or AIC) attempts to take this solution to the next level by automating the process of inspection by comparing the current underside image against a reference image. Integration with License Plate Reading System caters to reducing the operation time and offering convenience in terms of database lookup based on the license plate for the last transaction of the same vehicle. The Portable Version of Zenscan can be used to extend the usability for those scenarios where the location of the security need for inspection changes from time to time or where installing a full-fledged permanent unit might not be feasible.

Focused Area: Cargo & Vehicular movements

Alignment with SDG: SDG 9

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Industry Name: M/s Vehant Technologies

Industry Location: Noida

Funding Agency: Technology Development Board (TDB)