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Testing Kits to detect COVID Corona Virus

PathoDetectTM COVID-19 detection kit has been developed and deployed implementing a robust diagnostic methodology for use in public health laboratory settings for the screening and detection of COVID-19. PathoCatch COVID-19 Ag Card test is used for in vitro qualitative detection of the antigen of novel Coronavirus in human throat swabs or nasal swabs. This rapid kit for testing COVID-19 virus can be used with samples from throat or nasal swabs and gives results in 20 minutes. The test is a Point of Care test and has the best performance characteristics in ICMR evaluation.

Focused Area: COVID-19 testing kit

Alignment with SDG: SDG 3

Contact Info:

Industry Name: M/s Mylab Discovery Solutions Pvt Ltd

Industry Location: Pune

Funding Agency: Technology Development Board (TDB)