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Straw utilization technology

A novel aerobic process for in situ incorporation of rice stubble using Speed Kompost. In-situ Accelerated and Sustainable Rice Straw Decomposition (ASRSD). One of the major benefits of this technology (ASRSD) is that the microbial cultures are directly added to the soil where they aid in cellulose, starch and silica conversion. This technology involves minimal use of machinery and water. This is an economically viable option to farmers for management of rice straw and at the same time maintaining soil health for higher yield and pollution abatement measures. The technology is India’s solution to rampant stubble burning. The beneficial effects of ASRSD on soil properties and more than 20 percent increase in yield of wheat which is cultivated after rice straw utilization by ASRSD.

Focused Area: Soil Health Management

Alignment with SDG: SDG 2, 3, 6, 13, 15, 17

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Paper Published: 1

Industry Name: M/s Kan Biosys Pvt Ltd

Industry Location: Punjab

Funding Agency: Technology Development Board (TDB)