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RF sesors/seekers

Modern airborne systems need all weather, fire & forget capability in detecting and tracking a target. These functions are performed by RF sensors, which are called by trade-name RF seeker. The seeker is essentially a high-tech Microwave radar mounted on the nose of an airborne system with Radome providing environmental protection to it. These are compact in size and less in weight. The product is an improved version of the existing product in the market. These seekers are complex in nature and highly customized to meet the stringent space, weight and dynamic constraints of different air borne systems. The RF Seeker developed by the company is a pulsed Doppler radar, with capability of multiple PRF Waveform. The antenna is stabilized to maintain the line of sight to the target in spite of the body motion of the missile. The RF Seeker can track the target in angle, velocity and range. Based on the designation given in angle, velocity and range; the seeker detects the target, subsequently locks on to it; then it goes into tracking mode. The signal for transmission is generated by the exciter coherently using a precise local oscillator and the PRF specs of the system

Area: Engineering Sciences

Focused Area: Radio Frequency

Alignment with SDG: SDG 9, 8

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Industry Name: M/s VEM Technologies

Industry Location: Hyderabad

Funding Agency: Technology Development Board (TDB)