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Revac-B mcf: Hepatitis-B virus vaccine

Revac-B mcf is a Hepatitis-B virus vaccine and is manufactured using recombinant DNA technology. It is the only preservative-free and caesium chloride-free hepatitis B vaccine. The efficacy and safety of Revac-B mcf is ensured through stringent adherence to the highest standards of bio-process control and consistent quality assurance measures. Revac-B mcf fulfils WHO requirements for Hepatitis-B Vaccine made by recombinant DNA technology. The vaccine is used in Universal Immunisation Programs and is important for prevention of the disease in neonates, infants and young adults. The vaccine also provides protection from probable Hepatitis-B virus induced carrier state, cirrhosis and hepatic cellular carcinoma.

Area: Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Focused Area: Vaccines

Alignment with SDG: SDG 3

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Patent Granted: 1

Paper Published: 2

Industry Name: M/s Bharat Biotech

Industry Location: Shamirpet

Funding Agency: Technology Development Board (TDB)