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Real-time video analytics over wireless IP video surveillance camera system

The wireless surveillance product from Silvan Innovation Labs is an all-digital system comprising digital cameras with embedded edge electronics that provide real-time security alerts in addition to the traditional streaming of the video to a remote server for secondary alerts and post event analysis. Real-time video analytics over wireless IP video surveillance camera systems was entirely new to the market. Unlike most current analog camera systems, Silvan’s products are completely in the digital domain and video is streamed over IP. The On-Board Memory on SD cards will capture and store 7 days of continuous video information. The time-stamped on-board storage is very essential for brown-out conditions and post event reconstruction of the video for forensic investigation. The system of cameras functions in tandem and gets reassigned if a camera in the system fails or is destroyed. The local memory is still intact and can be retrieved with a WiFi or a 3G modem on-board the camera.

Focused Area: Wireless surveillance

Alignment with SDG: SDG 9

Contact Info:

Industry Name: M/s Silvan Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd

Industry Location: Bengaluru

Funding Agency: Technology Development Board (TDB)