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Medical Oxygen Plant

The Medical Oxygen Plant (MOP) is a technology which is an offshoot of the On Board Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS) project for medical grade oxygen generation on board Tejas, fighter aircraft. It utilises Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technique and molecular sieve technology to generate oxygen directly from atmospheric air. This oxygen plant will be useful to provide oxygen supply during corona pandemic in hospital in urban and rural areas. The installation of medical oxygen gas plant helps in avoiding hospital dependency of scarce oxygen cylinders especially at high altitude and inaccessible remote areas. Benefits include reduced logistics of transporting cylinders to these areas, low cost, continuous and reliable oxygen supply available round the clock.

Sector: Healthcare & Pharma

Focused Area: Oxygen generating plants

Contact Info:

Academia Involved: Defence Bio-Engineering & Electro Medical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bengaluru

Industry Name: M/s Trident Pneumatics Pvt Ltd

Industry Location: Coimbatore

Funding Agency: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)