Virus vs Vaayu: India sensitizing children with comic stories on COVID-19

The COVID has become a scientific nightmare for most of the people around the world. And while some of the adults are busy and could gather data from the common platforms like newspaper, etc. But for kids, it really becomes incomprehensive to understand the talks, advisories and other scientific information. To overcome the challenge, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER, Chandigarh) and Panjab University (PU), have created an educative comic series titled ‘Kids, Vaayu & Corona,’ for children to make them aware about the threats of Coronavirus and ways to remain safe by even taking simple precautionary steps for prevention and control of spread of the infection.

The comic is based on a dialogue between three kids and a super-hero of the series, Vaayu - a global citizen who works for the better public health and environment. The first part of the series explains simple terms like Virus, the spread of virus, , symptoms of the Coronavirus, steps for hand washing, importance of social distancing and other common do’s and don’ts. The second part deals with more technical terms like quarantine, isolation, Pandemic, Lockdown, community transmission, vaccine development, surgical masks, PPEs and helplines for contacting in case of emergencies. The comic also removes fear from the minds of little children by defining the mortality rate of the Coronavirus, etc.

The e-Book has been translated in, other than Hindi, various vernacular and international languages also. To download, visit