Chemical Sciences, Material Sciences


Wide Metallic Glass Ribbon Processing Unit


Chemical Sciences, Material Sciences

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Chemical technology

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CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jamshedpur

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Market launch

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Description :

The liquid metal is poured on water cooled Cu-wheel which can rotate at a speed of 1000 -3000 rpm.The system can be operated in normal and controlled atmospheres. The type of alloys that can be prepared through this melt-spinning system are - Glassy magnetic alloys: Fe-Si-B, Fe-Ni-B, Co-Si-B; Nanostructured magnetic alloys: Fe-Nb-Cu-Si-B,Fe-Co-Nb-Si-B; Brazing alloys: Cu-Ni-Mn, Ni-Fe-Cr-B-Si; Ferromagnetic shape memory alloy: Ni-Mn-Ga, Co-Ni-AI. No hazardous gas emitted.

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