Medical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, COVID-19 Technology


Reusable Face Mask with Antimicrobial Coating


Medical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, COVID-19 Technology

Focus Area:

Development of face mask

Company Transferred:

RS Nanotechnologies, Tamil Nadu

Developing Agency:

Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CSIR-CECRI), Sekkalakottai, Tamil Nadu

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Brief Description

Description :

Reusable Face Mask with antimicrobial coating is designed and developed for protection from particulate emissions and microbes. The tri-layered mask consists of the hydrophobic outer layer that repels the liquid aerosol and the middle bactericidal layer kills the microbes that comes in contact with the masks thereby providing dual protection benefits to the end-users. The inner hydrophilic layer absorbs the hot air, sweat and facilitates improved breathability.