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Novel Antibiotic Against Colistin Resistant MDR Klebsiellasps


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The salient features of this technology are: The compound is novel , Active against colistin resistant MDR Klebsiellasps , The spectrum of activity is better than existing polymyxin B and colistin , It is bacterial fermentation based product , It is non-haemolytic and non-toxic , The chances of cross resistance is less as this scaffold/antibiotic is not in clinical practice at present

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CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (IMT), Chandigarh

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A drug specifically active againstK. pneumoniaestrains of clinical relevance may be used as a definitive therapy. The analogues of this compound which are more efficacious and less toxic can be patented and commercialized. Moreover, the technology for producing this natural compound using the producer microorganism itself in fermentation after media and process optimization can have commercial value. Alternatively, the biosynthetic genes for M152-P3 compounds can be cloned and expressed in a suitable host for large scale synthesis at cheaper scale.

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