Chemical Sciences


Non-contact IR thermometer and portable automatic sanitizer dispenser


Chemical Sciences, COVID-19 Technology, Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Startup Technologies

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Healthcare equipments

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Urav Advanced Learning Systems Pvt Ltd, Ernakulam, Kerala

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Description :

The technology is DIY kits where the person can assemble and learn the working of the product. A thermometer kit where children will assemble the thermometer using a video tutorial to get the finished working product and learn about electronics at the same time. Similarly, they made a portable automatic sanitizer dispenser kit which comes with USB cable, charger and can be used directly with AC supply or with a power bank to make it portable. The technology was evaluated by COVID-19 comprising of Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, Department of Science & Technology, Department of Biotechnology, AGNIi, Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, and AIM- NITI Aayog.

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