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The product has 8 uniquely placed EEG Sensors covering 3 lobes, whereas the devices of the competitors focus only on the prefrontal cortex. In addition, the software has an algorithm for artifact (noise) rejection and a Machine Learning (ML) model to recommend customised meditation techniques to users.

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CIIE Regional Innovation Foundation

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Neuphony works on the unlimited potential of the human mind and aims to unlock it. Neurofeedback has been scientifically proven to be a powerful tool to improve the brain’s overall health, including improving memory, sleep quality, and reducing stress and anxiety. Neuphony brings the benefits of neurofeedback to the comfort of people’s homes with the help of an Electroencephalogram (EEG) headband and a mobile application. The headband measures the brain’s electrical activity, and based on the sensor data, the mobile app recommends meditation techniques to achieve the desired state. Over multiple sessions, it trains the brain on how to achieve the desired state itself.

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