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Microwave-IR Sort: Rapid, Reliable, Non-invasive Technology for Iron Ore Compositional Analysis


Physical Sciences, Material Sciences

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Iron Ore Compositional Analysis



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The IR Thermography based method of the present invention is a useful tool for detection of alumina-rich iron ores and having potential for estimation of composition for other commodities as well, This is a fast, low cost and non-invasive technique for compositional analysis of iron ore, This method can be considered to be an alternative for known chemical analysis methods which is time-consuming and cumbersome. This inventive method apart from dry processing is also a quick method for indirect chemical analysis of ore due to which the delay time can be saved and production can be increased, From the developed calibration curve, the alumina content in the ores can be determined within a duration of just 60 seconds and the quality of the feed grade can be estimated from the alumina percentage, Implementation of the method in the beneficiation process in operating mines would lead to more systematic and improved decision making inputs to effective planning and control leading to resource optimization in a safe and environmental friendly manner, Real time analysis of feed grade to the plant operators allows an effective plant optimization for achieving targeted production and grade.

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CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jharkhand

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Technology Development

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Description :

The technique can be used for detection of alumina, silica, iron in iron ore, alumina in bauxite and moisture in coke.

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