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Eye-testing device

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Alfaleus has developed a product called Intelligent Vision Analyser (iVA). This is a VR headset to evaluate a person’s visual fields, which can further be used in the diagnosis and monitoring of Glaucoma. This device uses local normative data suitable for the Indian population and is 10 times cheaper and 100 times more portable than standard equipment and thus, value for money. Intelligent Vision Analyser (iVA) has been clinically tested and validated for over 1000 patients in a clinical setting. Over the last 3 years, two versions of the device have been developed and validated in association with Aravind Eye Hospital, India, and John Hopkins, Baltimore, USA

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VIT TBI, Vellore, Tamil Nadu,

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Description :

90% of Glaucoma goes undiagnosed until severe loss of eyesight in developing nations. State-of-the-art devices include OCT-Optical Coherence Tomography, Fundus Photography, Visual Field Perimetry, Tonometry, or Intraocular pressure measurement. However, these devices are big, bulky, fragile, difficult to operate, and expensive. They are available only in tertiary care centres.

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