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An Improved Integrated Novel Annealing Simulator Device for Annealing of Steel Specimens Under Desired Environmental Conditions for Testing and Characterization.


Chemical Sciences, Material Sciences

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Chemical technology

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CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jamshedpur

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Description :

Varieties of unique annealing simulation can be made easier using this device i.e Device is versatile for several applications. The device can be used for batch annealing of steel specimens. The device can also be used for continuous annealing of steel Specimens. Flexibility of heat treatment under controlled atmospheres as and when required. Smooth temperature control on the heat treatment. Delicate control on the heating rate in annealing simulation. Precise control on the cooling rate of annealing simulation. Flexible control on the soaking time during annealing simulation. Several steel specimens can undergo annealing simulation in one go. Faster device for entire cycle of annealing simulation. Precision environmental control on annealing simulation. Device is compact and cost effective.

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