Cognitive Sciences and Psychology

Title :

Technology development for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease from Visuospatial perception profile using functional magnetic resonance imaging

Area of research :

Cognitive Sciences and Psychology

Focus area :

functional magnetic resonance imaging

Principal Investigator :

Dr. Pravat K Mandal , Scientist VII, Neuroimaging and neurospectroscopy laboratory, National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), Manesar

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Executive Summary :

Early diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease using non-invasive techniques is the need of the hour, as this is one of the important area to be focused upon. Diagnosis of any disorder in the initial stages plays an essential role in alleviating its manifestation to advance stages. To achieve this biomarkers and disorders we are working on to find functional correlativity using functional MRI and neuropsychological test on different age group of people that are (Healthy Young, Healthy Old and Mild cognitive impairment) and also to find its progressing to attaining in the field of visuospatial perception (VSP).

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