Cognitive Sciences and Psychology

Title :

Rewiring of Circadian Clock by Sulforaphane: Strategic Activation of Nrf2 Attenuates Sleep Deprivation Induced Alzheimer’s Like Cognitive Dysfunctions in Mice.

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Cognitive Sciences and Psychology

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Biotechnology, Molecular Biology

Principal Investigator :

Dr. Aditya Sunkaria, Assistant Professor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

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Executive Summary :

Sleep deprivation is a significant health issue, with 45% of Alzheimer's patients reporting difficulty in sleep. A study aims to explore the therapeutic potential of sulforaphane, a strong activator of Nrf2, in treating sleep deprivation-induced cognitive impairments. The study will investigate whether sleep deprivation accelerates amyloid beta aggregation in mice and if sulforaphane attenuates this aggregation and restores cognitive balance. The study also explores the potential of dietary phytochemicals like sulforaphane to improve sleep quality and slow down Alzheimer's progression. The study also explores the therapeutic potential of small molecule activators like TTK21, which can induce long-term memory and assist in the recovery of memory in Alzheimer's mice.

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