Agricultural Sciences

Title :

Production of potash, sulfur and phosphorus enriched biochars utilizing biomass and fertilizer industries waste

Area of research :

Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Focus area :

Nutrient value enrichment for biochars (waste produced by fertiliser industry)

Principal Investigator :

Dr Manish Kumar, Scientist, CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (CSIR-IMMT), Odisha

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Executive Summary :

Objective: a. Up-scaling and optimization of process technology (type, size, process flow, material inputs and process conditions and value added phosphogypsum etc.) from TRL-3 to TRL: 5 - 7. b. Nutrient value enrichment and improvement in physico-chemical characteristics of biochars produced from fertiliser industries solid/liquid wastes using selected biomass.

Summary: Input-Feedstock materials: Biomass powder mixed with phosphogypsum (100 µ) and other wastes in varying ratio (1:1 to 4:1 etc.). The pyrolytic reactor system: The batch/continuous feeding systems thermo pyrolysis reactor with cyclones, gas quenching and scrubbing exhaust gases; Power: about 40KW; Feeding Capacity: 50 – 100 Kg/batch; operating temperature: around 800 oC, heating rate: 10 - 20 oC/minute, duration: around 1 hours; Inert Gas purging.

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