COVID-19 Research

Title :

A novel method to evaluate the quality of antigen-specific T cells in infection and vaccination

Area of research :

COVID-19 Research, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Focus area :

Quality of antigen-specific T cells

Principal Investigator :

Dr Nimesh Gupta, Researcher, National Institute of Immunology (NII), New Delhi

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Executive Summary :

This project aims to develop a novel ex vivo assay to evaluate the functional quality of CD4+ T cells using pathogen-specific proteins and synthetic peptides.

Patents :

Filed in India: No. 202111003148


An ex vivo assay for vaccine efficacy assessment in early phase 1 trial. The assay is applicable for assessing the vaccine efficacy, testing the adjuvants and immune modulators as well as to test the quality of antigen-specific CD4+ T cells induced against vector-borne, respiratory, and communicable human pathogens.

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