Physical Sciences

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Nonlinear wave-based models to study the ion and electron scale turbulence in laboratory and space plasmas

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Physical Sciences

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Dr. R Uma, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology( IIT), Delhi

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Electron scale and ion scale turbulence are observed in various plasmas, including laboratory and space plasmas. These spectra have common universal properties, such as breakpoints and spectral slopes. The project aims to develop models based on nonlinear waves, particularly nonlinear KAW and whistler waves. Nonlinear model equations will be developed, including kinetic effects terms for KAW and nonlinear whistler dynamical equations using Electron magnetohydrodynamic (EMHD). These equations will be solved numerically using the pseudo-spectral method and finite difference method, focusing on nonlinear structures and spectral properties.


Dr. Naresh Ramayan, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Delhi

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