Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Multi-objective design optimization strategy for launch pad configuration to reduce the impingement pressure, sound pressure on payload bay and launch pad construction and refurbishment cost from experimental data with surrogate gas simulation studies

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Launch Pad Design through optimization techniques

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Launchpad design is complicated due to its dependence on multiple parameters. For example the jet deflector design depends on the configuration for minimum surface erosion and sound pressure at the payload fairing due to jet impingement. Also the geometry of the jet deflector hugely decides the construction and refurbishment cost. Hence there exists an optimum design space from these multiple parameters. A large bank of data will be generated from surrogate gas scale model experiments at SMPandETF. An optimization method like genetic algorithm (GA) need to be applied on this large data to evolve out the optimum design space. The experiments has to be proposed to conduct at SMPandETF as mentioned above and the optimization is proposed to be carried out by the experts from academia.


Shri Senthil Kumar R, Satish Dhawan Space Centre- SHAR (SDSC-SHAR), Sriharikota

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