Computer Sciences and Information Technology

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Microscopio Traffic Network Simulation Model for Nixed Traffic Conditions (MiTraNS)

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Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Engineering Sciences

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Mobility infrastructure and planning

Principal Investigator :

Dr Errampalli Madhu, Scientist, CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI), New Delhi

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Executive Summary :

Objective: The goal of the project is to develop sophisticated microscopio traffic simulation software tool for the urban road network to evaluate wide range to transport policies. The main objectives are: To develop a microscopio traffic simulation model for the urban road network; development of realistic traffic modules for estimation of Vehicular movement considering Indian driver behaviour, Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) Movement and Transit User Movement. The traffic models considered for development are: Car-Following; Lane Changing; Route Assign; Vehicle Generation; Vehicular Movement around Parking/Bus Stop/Incident; Intersection Movement; Lane Assignment; Pedestrian Movement; Transit User Movement; develop display systems showing vehicular, transit user and pedestrain movements; To evaluate wide range of transport policies namely improve vehicular, public transport and NMT movemnets.

Summary: Though there are number of microscope traffic simulation models developed worldwide, rarely any model focus on typical Indian traffic conditions such as mixed traffic, no lane discipline etc. Further, the inbuilt traffic models are based on homogeneous conditions,calibartion and validation of the models would be very difficult due to the error of estimation would be high. In view of this, there is a high need of an appropriate Microscopic traffic simulation Modal which can estimate driver behaviour precisely and realistically under such behaviour. The proposed study mainly focuses Indian traffic conditions while developing a microscopic traffic simulation model in the form of software for the urban road network to evaluate wide range to transport policies.

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