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High Power Sub-THz CompactSource Applicable for Security screening and Non-destructive evaluation (HP-SCAN), Compact photonic crystal (PhC) based W-Band source

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Physical Sciences

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Electronics and Instrumentation (Microwave Devices)

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Dr Niraj Kumar, Dr Hasina Khatun, Scientist, CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CEERI), Pilani

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Objective: Task 1: A.Design and development of miniaturized (100’s micron size) and high current density (>20 A/cm2) sheet electron beam source B.Planar beam-wave interaction structures suitable in sub-THz regime (<300 GHz) with high bandwidth (>10 GHz) and average surface roughness than < 0.1 micron. C.Spent beam collector/coupler with high power ( 100 mW avg.) handling capability and low RF transmission loss <0.1 dB D. Integration of abovementioned components for development of high power (>1W) and portable sub-THz (<300 GHz) source E.Design and development of active THz imaging systems (intensity based) for Security imaging and NDE of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRPs) Task2: Novel compact PhC based W-Band high power source (targeted frequency: 95GHz, targeted Power:~ 30 Watts) comprises the following sub objectives: a) Development of high current density graphene based field emission cathode. b) Design of PhC based resonator for beam wave interaction. c) Facility creation for W-band characterization (frequency and power). d) Development of compact W-band source with high density field emission cathode (graphene) and PhC based interaction structure. e) Characterization of the RF power and frequency of compact W-band source as a proof of concept.

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