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High biomass agricultural crops monitoring using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) microwave remote sensing data

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Microwave Remote sensing data; High biomass crops, Crop biophysical parameters monitoring, crop yield modeling

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In the monsoon season availability of the optical data is a critical issue and coincides with the fast growth so multitemporal dual-polarised/ fully polarimetric data of moderate swath and resolution seem viable. Use of various frequency SAR data for different crops has been demonstrated globally. Acreage and condition assessment in paddy, cotton, jute, and groundnut has been demonstrated. But the high biomass crops need to be addressed with higher wavelength facilitating better penetration for crop parameter study. Land preparation, sowing, vegetative phase, panicle initiation and maturity in grain crops, tillering and growth phase in sugarcane/ vegetative crops are the main stages to affect the specific backscatter. The studies with X- and C band report saturation beyond 5 kg/m2 of fresh biomass and entails difficulty in discrimination and biophysical parameter retrieved. Therefore, in this project, it is proposed for utilization of lower frequency satellite data (C/S/and L band) and evaluation of its response to crop biophysical parameter monitoring. Additional response information in the lower frequency domain is expected.


Dr. Dipanwita Haldar, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun

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