COVID-19 Research

Title :

Health care supply chain and capacity modelling during a pandemic

Area of research :

COVID-19 Research, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Focus area :

COVID-19 Management

Principal Investigator :

Dr P Chellapandi, Professor, Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu

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Executive Summary :

The study attempts to investigate clinically, FDA-approved drugs or drug combinations for COVID-19 by computing network proximity approximations in drug-SARS-CoV-2–host interactions.


Constructed a systems medicine framework for repurposing drugs for COVID-19 in people with type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Cellular antiviral targets from virus-host protein interactions have been identified for each drug and then evaluated them with gene functional enrichment analysis. A total of 174 repurposable drugs were identified by quantifying the interplay between virus-host protein interactions and drug targets in the human protein network. As a result, there are no involvements in host gene expression, biological processes, and side effects for fostamatinib. It suggests that fostamatinib is a repurposed drug for the treatment of systemic COVID-19 patients with clinical comorbidities (T2DM and HT).

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