Engineering Sciences

Title :

Erosion, Corrosion and Deposition Resistant Coatings for Coal-Fired Boilers

Area of research :

Material Sciences, Engineering Sciences

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Principal Investigator :

Harpreet Singh, Professor, School of Mechanical Materials and Energy Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar


Executive Summary :

In power plant boilers, hot ash particles impinge on the tubes, causing erosion, simultaneously the salts present in the boiler environment also cause high-temperature corrosion. Even the ash and slag build up on the tube surfaces as insulating complex oxides, which affect the heat transfer efficiency. Surface coatings on the tube surface, prevent from the formation of iron oxide, as well as, reduce slagging, thus increasing the heat transfer rate. However, the thermodynamic aspects of the coatings developed are still lacking and are needed to be evaluated. This project aims to develop benchmark coating compositions on the coal-fired boiler tube surfaces, which have high hardness, inert to oxides to the extent possible, high bond strength, dense and resistant to slag and fly ash penetration. This research will lead to increase in overall efficiency of boilers and can help to reduce electricity prices.


Manpreet Kaur, Associate Professor & Dy. Cont. Exam, Alumni Cell Coordinator, BBSB Engineering College Fathegarh Sahib, Punjab, Eklavya Calla, GE Power, Bengaluru, K. Anand, GE Power, Bengaluru

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Organizations involved

Implementing Agency :

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar
BBSB Engineering College Fathegarh Sahib, Punjab
GE Power Bengaluru

Funding Agency :

Department of Heavy Industries (DHI), Govt. of India