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Differential effects of soy protein, casein and egg albumin on insulin sensitivity

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Dr. C.V. Anuradha, Professor, Annamalai University (AU), Tamil Nadu

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The study reports for the first time the comparative analysis of three different proteins-casein, egg and soy, on the insulin sensitivity, glucose metabolism, lipid content, liver function, adipokines and inflammatory markers. The vegetable protein, soy has emerged as the most effective protein among the three in improving insulin sensitivity and lipid abnormalities. This study also reported that soy protein improves insulin sensitivity by regulating the P13K-Akt signaling. Further, soy and egg protein had shown effective reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation compared with casein. Although a multitude of studies have reported the beneficial effects of soy protein, our study provided more evidence for benefits of soy over 2 other animal proteins, egg albumin and casein.


Dr. K. V. Pugalendhi, Professor, Annamalai University (AU), Tamil Nadu

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Future studies on the comparative analysis of the three proteins on heat shock proteins or other stress-related pathways like endoplasmic reticulum (ER stress) pathway may answer as to how stress is regulated by these proteins. Also, further investigation exploring if these proteins have any role in modulating insulin secretion in pancreas may open a new window for research in diabetic treatment.

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