Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Development of robust algorithm for CFD simulation of supersonic and hypersonic flows around complex geometries on unstructured meshes

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Supersonic and hypersonic flows around complex geometries of launch vehicles and re-entry vehicles are of interest to VSSC as it forms an important part of characterization of launch vehicles. An unstructured finite volume 3D RANS solver is under development in VSSC. This solver has popular upwind scheme such as AUSM, Roe etc. with SA and SST turbulence models. Explicit as well as implicit time integration schemes are available. Currently, some issues are observed in convergence of upersonic and hypersonic flows while simulating flows at higher altitudes with low pressure and density.


Shri Aaditya Chaphalkar, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram

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