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Development of ferro alloys using alternate reductants: syn gas/producer gas, methane, and hydrogen through pyrometallurgical route

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Chemical Sciences

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Dr B. Bhoi, Chief Scientist, CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (CSIR-IMMT), Bhubaneswa

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Objective: This project aims at devising novel, innovative, green, and sustainable technology to produce green ferro-alloys using alternative reductants namely H2, CH4, syn gas/producer gas, etc. The source of these reducing gases will be chemicals and fertilizer industries which release gases as by-products. This will give a scope for utilization of the same, thereby making the process cost-effective. Furthermore, the technology will be environmental friendly with water as a byproduct that could easily be recycled in the industries when the technology goes in commercial scale. Also, emission of greenhouse gases will be significantly reduced (as compared to conventional process of using coal), thus bringing down the overall carbon footprint. Carbon-less product will show immense potential to be used as a direct feedstock in making of special steels

Summary: Ferro-alloys production through conventional route (using coal) is often accompanied by greenhouse gases emission and also, producing ferro-alloys from low-grade ores and a variety of sources (chromite ores, manganese ores, and sea bed minerals) through cost-effective process remains a challenge.

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