Physical Sciences

Title :

Design Development and Establishment Of Optical Interferometer Manometer: A Primary Quantum Pressure Standard at CSIR-NPL

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Physical Sciences

Focus area :

Electronics and Instrumentation (Quantum Pressure Standard)

Principal Investigator :

Dr Ashok Kumar, Scientist, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL), New Delhi

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Executive Summary :

Objective: i) To develop a quantum phenomenon based national primary pressure standard directly traceability to SI units, 20th May 2019 based on fundamental constants. ii) To provide traceability to the existing primary and secondary standards and measurement facilities. iii) To replace the bulky, environmentally hazardous, and obsolete primary pressure standard with the portable and user and environmental friendly quantum pressure standard. iv) To provide apex level calibration, testing, consultancy services, and to impart training in metrology. v) To participate in international, bilateral and multilateral comparisons key comparisons using quantum pressure metrology. vi) Participation in International Cooperation, Consultation, Representation and in Meetings. vii) The project will allow to meet the ongoing research activities on quantum pressure metrology which has been initiated by various premier NMIs.

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