Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Change prediction and modelling of dynamic natural eco-system using remotely sensed image data

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Image Processing and Machine Learning of Remotely Sensed Data, Study area/ ecosystem: Sundarban mangroves

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The objective is to approach this problem through nonlinear probability modeling, where prior knowledge is required to define a sensible state representation, together with parametric forms of transition and observation probabilities. In this research, the aim is to introduce a new approach to learning nonlinear dynamic systems and show that it performs well on rather high-dimensional time series datasets compared to standard models such as Hidden Markov Models or linear predictors. The developed prediction model (deliverable) will thus help to adopt a proper preventive, restoration and utilization measure of natural resources and can also be proposed on case-specific basis which would lead to sustainable management of the pristine natural ecosystem.


Dr. (Mrs) Tanumi Kumar, National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Hyderabad

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