Physical Sciences

Title :

Advanced Functional Nanosurfaces For Optical Sensing of Emerging Pollutants and Their Removal

Area of research :

Material Sciences, Physical Sciences

Focus area :

Sensor technology

Principal Investigator :

Dr Akash Deep, Scientist, CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO), Chandigarh

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Executive Summary :

Objective: The main objective of the proposed work is to develop low carbon MgO-C refractory (2-3% carbon) without compromising its chemical and thermo-mechanical properties using different source of nanocarbon.

Summary: Globally the present trend shows that FBG based sensor technology capable of producing accurate strain, temperature, acceleration and finds most application in areas where electronic sensors like foil based strain gauges, thermocouples or piezo based accelerometers cannot compete or cannot be used. The sensors have been successfully adopted for a multitude of different sensing applications and implemented in different fields and industries. However, FBG sensors, as in the case of their electrical counterparts, are point sensors which limits to obtain a distributed information for the overall structure particularly when the structures in consideration are large like bridges, buildings, dams etc.. The concept of developing FBG sensors with long gauge lengths allow measurement of deformations over larger areas on the.

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