Physical Sciences

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 Investigation of quantum phase transitions in two-dimensional Heisenberg kagome lattice antiferromagnets

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Physical Sciences

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Dr. Ramesh Chandra Nath, Professor, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram

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Frustrated magnets are materials with localized spins that interact via competing exchange interactions, leading to large degeneracy in the ground state. These materials can stabilize in exotic ground states like spin-ice, quantum spin liquid (QSL), non-collinear magnetic order, BEC state, and magnetization plateau. The discovery of these exotic phases is important for applications in quantum computation and spintronic devices. Frustrated magnets with infinitely degenerate ground states exhibit a large magneto-caloric effect (MCE), lifting degeneracy in the ground state and causing large magnetic entropy changes. The project aims to discover novel materials with potentially frustrated kagome geometry and uncover low temperature quantum phase transitions.

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