Programmes & Schemes

Venture Capital Funds

In this program, TDB started networking with other institutions to encourage technology-focused Venture Capital Fund (VCF) so that, lack of adequate funds should not pose an obstacle for good technologically innovative viable projects. For this TDB joins hands with technology-focused venture capital institutions for the commercialization of indigenous technology. This would also encourage investors to participate in the fund to have a multiplier effect on resources available for technology-oriented ventures. TDB has participated in Venture Capital Funds to spread itself by providing support to early-stage ventures through SMEs having innovation and innovative products/services

Programme Type: Academia Industry Partnerships

Ministry / Department: Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt of India

Focus Area: Science and Technology

Target Audience: Technology companies especially in the MSMEs/SMEs category having innovation and innovative products / services

Funding Agency: Technology Development Board (TDB)

Eligibility: Commercial enterprises companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 (excluding sole entrepreneur/sole proprietorship/partnership concerns) cooperatives and other agencies are eligible

Purpose: Innovations, Research

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