Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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 Deciphering how RICTOR/TORC2 regulates one-carbon metabolism to modulate longevity depending on diet containing different Vitamin B12 content

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Molecular Biology, Immunology

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Dr. Arnab Mukhopadhyay, Staff Scientist VI, National Institute of Immunology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi

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The study focuses on the gut microbial system in worms, examining diet-gene pairs and metabolites like Vitamin B12 and Folate. The flr-4 gene mutant showed an increase in life span on HT115 but not on OP50, activating p38 MAPK signaling and cytoprotective programs. Vitamin B12 content in the bacteria activates the one-carbon cycle, leading to lower phosphatidylcholine levels. The conserved RICTOR/TORC2 complex also interacts with the flr-4 mutant, rescuing it from shorter life span on OP50 bacteria. The project aims to determine the mechanisms of RICTOR/TORC2 regulation.


Dr. Soumen Basak, National Institute of Immunology, Delhi

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