Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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The role of interleukin (IL)-35 in dendritic cell suppression during Leishmania donovani infection

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Microbiology, cell biology, immunology

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Dr. Pradip Sen, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR – Institute Of Microbial Technology (IMTECH), Chandigarh

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Visceral leishmaniasis, caused by Leishmania donovani, is the second most deadly parasitic disease globally. Its pathogenic factor is profound immunosuppression, which is largely unknown. Dendritic cells (DCs) play a crucial role in initiating antileishmanial immune responses. The study aims to investigate if LD induces IL-35 expression in DCs, how LD mediates this effect, and if DC-derived IL-35 has any role in suppressing DCs, T cells, and antileishmanial immunity. This research will help understand the innate immune mechanism by which LD induces immunosuppression to promote the disease.


Dr. S Kumaran, CSIR – Institute Of Microbial Technology (IMTECH), Chandigarh

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