Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Title :

Theoretical investigation of the contribution of spin-crossover dynamics in excited state chemical processes

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Focus area :

Inorganic Chemistry

Principal Investigator :

Dr Biswajit Maiti, Professor, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi

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Core Research Grant (CRG)


Executive Summary :

This research is intended to study excited-state dynamics emphasising nonadiabatic ISC processes along with nonadiabatic IC dynamics on equal footing. In this project, investigators would study the contribution of Intersystem Crossing (ISC) processes in the excited state dynamics, such as photodissociation dynamics of organo heteroatomic molecules (e.g., methyl hydroperoxide). The outcome of the project will provide a theoretical understanding of ISC processes which can further be applied especially for studying (photo-induced) ultrafast dynamics in complex molecular systems.

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