Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Title :

Colloidal quantum dots as enhancers in photocatalytic hydrogen generation

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Dr Amit Dhruv Saran, Assistant Professor, Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar

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Core Research Grant (CRG)


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Advanced energy conversion processes like photochemical and photo-electrochemical water splitting now a day play a very important role in challenging the present energy crisis of our world. The successful utilisation of this process depends on the development of highly efficient, more stable, low cost and outstanding environmentally benign semiconductor materials. The project plan to synthesise the QDs and employ water splitting along with the general mechanism involved in the process. Also plan to study the enhancement of different materials like metal oxides by QDs in the field of water splitting. Apart from quantum dots, also plan to prepare anisotropic quantum rods and study them in photocatalytic hydrogen generation.

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