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Soybean and Rice Bran Oil-based Lecithin Products


Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Lecithin Products


IN199806, IN227530, IN336384, US6403344, US6638544

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Food Grade Lecithin: Crude soybean and rice bran gums are bleached with different bleaching agents in presence of a peroxide scavenger to obtain food grade lecithin with lower peroxide value , Hydroxylated Lecithin: Lecithin is hydroxylated employing hydroxylating agents under microwave assisted conditions without exposing the lecithin for longer reaction times for hydroxylation , Acetylated Lecithin:Phosphatidylethanolamine present in lecithin is selectively acetylated employing enzymatic process

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CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Telangana

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Soybean lecithin has potential as a multifunctional additive for food, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. An effective way to improve water dispersability or enhance emulsifying properties of vegetable lecithins for o/w system is hydroxylation.The inventors used very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide for the hydroxylation reaction and the phospholipids may get degraded due to the exposure of the lecithin to higher temperatures for longer reaction periods. The objective of the present invention is to provide an improved process for the hydroxylation of crude soybean lecithin using lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide solution with higher conversion rates at lower reaction times. The Iodine Value reduction of the crude soybean lecithin through microwave-assisted reaction in 40 minutes is about 37%, which could not be achieved using the conventional heating even after 18 hr in similar reaction conditions. Similarly less than 5 minutes time is sufficient to achieve 10% reduction in IV of hydroxylated lecithin.

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